Pilot Project Recap

We asked teachers to provide feedback regarding four categories. Here’s the results.

Video Length
Class Integration
My Junior aged special ed students love NumBum! Everyone is engaged and is able to participate. It is a great way to take a break and it is strenuous enough to get our heart rates up. As a teacher, I like the longer length (5 min) of the videos. Teacher

Where Did We Start

As teachers, we saw a direct need for a tool like Free The Numbum in our classroom. It was exciting to build sample videos and try them out with our classes. They loved them. It was great to see their faces light up and to experience the overall positive impact that Free The Numbum had on our students. We knew that this was something we could share with others.

What Did We Do

After talking to teachers in our own school and working closely with students, we created 5 full length videos to help share our vision of Free The Numbum. The pilot project was incredibly simple. We had 80 teachers participate by introducing Free The Numbum to their students. Following implementation of the program, they completed a survey rating their experience. The survey results are shown above.

What Did We Learn

We learned a lot during our Pilot Project. We have listed some of the key points here.

  • Internet Connection

    Many schools do not have high quality wifi internet connection. We have revamped our website to allow for the fastest possible loading time.

  • Instruction

    We had teachers encourage us to provide more detailed instruction for their students. One way we have addressed this is through the positioning of our silhouette character. We have enlarged the character and placed him as a focal part of the videos.

  • Engagement

    We are always looking to improve overall student engagement. At times this is difficult to do with intermediate students. To do so, we have focussed our attention on creating videos that encourage students to engage with their peers.