Our Mission

We are passionate about bringing "Numbum" relief to students in Grade's 4-8. We deliver high energy and spontaneous video content that will get students excited about being active. Our hope is that these experiences will refresh and rejuvenate our students both physically and mentally and that they will begin to understand the importance of Daily Physical Activity (DPA)


Free The Numbum is created by teachers for teachers. We strive to create a high quality resource that integrates seamlessly into the classroom. Beyond the physical and mental benefits, Free The Numbum allows educators to build a strong rapport with their students.


Students respond well to short activity breaks. They love the spontaneous, adventurous, and comedic elements of Free The Numbum. Rather than a "follow after me" routine students react to the characters on the screen in a natural way.

Numbum Team

We are committed to working alongside students and teachers. As teachers ourselves, we understand the importance and need for a continuous stream of new and engaging content. We love creating videos and are excited for you to share them with your class.

“I do it with 20 homeschoolers every week. They cheer when the logo comes up and it’s Free The Numbum time!”

Our Team

Free The Numbum is comprised of a small team of teachers.

  • Nathan Rice

    I live in Ottawa, ON with my beautiful wife Brookelyn. I have been teaching for 7 years in the Ottawa area with grades 7 through 11. I love to find the small moments in the day when I can connect with my students on a deeper level. Free The Numbum has allowed me to do this on a regular basis.

  • Matthew Rice

    I graduated from Nipissing University with a Masters in Kinesiology. I currently live in Sudbury, ON with my new wife and crazy cat. On a typical weekday I serve as the North Eastern Manager for Drive Devilbiss Healthcare Canada. I have had great experiences working with kids of all ages. It’s great see how we can bring the life of free-play to the classroom with Free The Numbum.

Interested in getting involved?

We are always excited to join alongside individuals and organizations who share a passion for creativity.